Family Health Insurance

Health insurance is an important necessity that helps you to know that your family will get the medical care they need - when they need it - no matter what the cost. When health insurance is bought for the entire family, the overall coverage is quite economical when compared with individual coverage for each person.

You can save money on your medical bills as insurance companies set up a network of medical professionals willing to give major medical care facilities. 

The family health insurance plans are flexible and beneficial:

   1. As a number of members are being insured as a group, through a single plan, administration and actuarial expenses are lower  than if personal plans were to be written for every family member. Therefore, family medical plans can be an exceptionally cost-effective way of protecting the entire family.

   2. When looking for the best family health insurance you need to understand that your needs will change as time goes on as well. Family medical plans allow the addition of new members and changes to your policy.

   3. Some health insurance policies carry along ULIP component (investment in the form of Units) that is specifically designed to to benefit for lifetime.

   4. There is a provision of increase or decrease of premiums during the term of the policy.

   5. Health insurance policy covers all major medical treatments and hospitalization expenses incurred for room and operation-theater charges, doctor fees, cost of nursing, medical tests, medicines, blood, etc. are covered under a single family policy.

   6. Additional benefits like Cashless claim facility, tax saving under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961 are availed to you.

   7. There are value added benefits provided covering the expense of  preventive health tests, nursing allowance, reimbursement of charges towards ambulance services, allowance for expenses of a person accompanying the insured and offers  discounted coupons per family insurance policy.

Getting family health insurance is a big step and you need to proceed carefully by taking in account all restrictions and limitations on the coverage. Look for health insurance plan that is  right for you and your family in the end.

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