Student Medical Insurance

Today, thousands of Indian students pursue higher education from foreign universities of their choice. Students are now able to  find more options of universities and courses around the globe.

Most foreign universities insist on student medical insurance where as some provide an insurance plan for the student. International student medical insurance companies include: ISOA, UHC, eHealthInsurance, MedHealthInsurance, HealthCareInternational, and American Visitor Insurance. 

Student Medical insurance is cheaper to buy from your home country that offers the same coverage or even more as you pay premium in rupees and get benefited in dollars. Hence, it is advisable to obtain health insurance from your home country and acquire an insurance waiver from the university. Indian insurers are offering the same risk cover with all additional new requirements for Rs 12,000 to Rs 15,000 against premium rates of Rs 45,000 to Rs 50,000 in the west.

Universities of Massachusetts, Virginia, Purdue, Syracuse, and Polytechnic are some of the many foreign educational institutes that insist on certain risk cover criteria that  ICICI Lombard has recently included in its risk cover under the 'plus plan'. It is always better to plan around your needs and take account of restrictions limitations.

You can approach any general insurance company and avail a student health insurance loan that covers medical and non- medical benefits. A student insurance plan covers you for hospitalization expenses, medical evacuation, repatriation, bail bond, trip cancellation, interruption and delay, emergency medical treatment or evacuation, etc. The plan is customizable according to the rule and requirement of the university. One can also avail medical insurance coverage for pre-existing disease in critical conditions.

Some private companies have tied up with foreign health groups to provide quality health care services abroad. These tie-ups allow students to access hospital network and doctor’s of the partner groups. Some companies also offer co- branded cards along with the policy to get an easy access in all their network hospitals.

Online application facility provides instant digitally signed student insurance policy and the flexibility to apply online for claim settlement to the Third Party Administration. One good feature provided in the plan is the activation of the policy can be held until the academic session commences.

We can help you. You can buy insurance policies offered by insurance companies in India through our website, while receiving very competitive quotes from qualified and IRDA registered Insurance Agents.
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